Salons are Great

I was on my way to the salon the other day and I was thinking how much I love the salon environment. Salons are a lot of fun to work in. With only a few exceptions people are very happy. The work, the craft, is wonderful and challenging. The people are helpful and uplifting. The clients are so grateful, it is like a love fest. If all that isnt enough, people then hand you money. It is kind of like ice cream on an already amazing cake.

I get why all of my relatives stayed in this business. I am a fourth generation hair designer and although I am not on the floor everyday like I use to be, I still love coming into the salon. I talk to the staff and clients, people are kind and cheerie. Don’t get me wrong, things can go south in a salon awfully fast, but most of the time, everyone is very pleasant. Spirits are lifted and everything is smooth sailing, but when a color goes wrong or a customer service mishap occurs people team up to fix the issue. Good salons are like that.

There is something about cosmetology too. The work is creative, its done with your hands, it makes people look and feel great. But it is something more. It is the coloring, the design that still intrigues me, makes me want to master it, control it. Hair design is a compelling and motivational thing for me. Fashion changes constantly so it is never dull. I love to see what happens in the salon all day and I love to tell other stylists how much I like the work they create. I make a point to tell people, “excellent graduated bob” “awesome color.” It isn't that I just want to encourage the person, sure I do, but it is more than that, i really appreciate the shapes, the colors, the craft, the craft of it all.

And it just blows me away how working in a salon environment, how uplifting and supportive co workers and salon people can be. I think you get very intuitive and empathetic in this industry. Your working with the public and people are going thru a lot, good and bad. It is fascinating how your sense of perception rises the longer you are behind the chair. When you can interpret the type of haircut someone wants by watching their hands, or you just know someone has a health issue by observing something unusual on their scalp that a doctor would have missed.

Of course you make money. There are so many ways to get paid, but overall, everyone can make a living and in some cases much more. The opportunities, just don’t stop, there is always change, and creative people thrive in that environment. Creativity comes the more you create things, like cute cuts, cool colors and more. It is joyful to work in salons.

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