Listen For the Whisper-The Wisdom of Frank Warner

You need to listen for the whisper,” says Frank Warner from Frank Anthony Salon in Chester,  New Jersey. Frank has survived tough times in the beauty business and has sincere wisdom to share. My interview with Frank was profound for me in many ways. First he tells a story about how he was greatly impacted by my father. Second he discusses his love of marketing. Thirdly, and maybe the most important, is what he calls “the whisper.” Personally I call this “an inkling.” Frank’s Whispers and my Inklings, are born of the same sound, a quiet sound, a subtle voice that tells you what is next..


Listening closely to your inner voice can make all the difference in the world. Frank mentions how listening to the whispers has put him in the right place, in the right situation to hear the right information at the right time. He has a morning ritual that sets him up to hear “the whispers.” His ritual, is prayer. Frank has his ear attuned to the quiet voices and it has served him and his staff well.

The Frank Anthony Salon walks the talk. Frank says “the way” is to serve. He tells me about a series events that declare service, kindness and concern. These events include: free haircuts for veterans on Veterans Day, Divas for a Day for cancer patients, hiring disabled employees, declaring kindness to clients and staff. You don't hear about people using a spiritual pursuit to enhance their business. But as there are so many potential moral pitfalls in business, I think it makes a lot of sense. After 49 years in the beauty industry this method has served Frank well.


Other passions and motivations include marketing. He follows the concepts for Jay Conrad Levinson the writer of the book Guerrilla Marketing. Awarded multiple honors for his in salon programs, now he has launched smart and manageable online strategy as well. Kindness and serving from the art, he explains, is really his overarching motivation.

It occurs to me that kindness can be used as a marketing strategy. Isn't it the true intent of great customer service? But Frank isn’t just being kind  to make money, he is sincere in this pursuit. Caring and kindness pervades his entire salon operation.

He mentions my father, Jerry Gordon’s kindness, when he came before the Intercoiffure board for his initial interview for entry to the esteemed organization. Going before the Membership Committee of IC is a nerve racking experience. I have been there. What does Frank remember about the experience: my father’s interest and comments about his internal marketing programs.

I was aware Frank knew my father, but I had no idea of the connection between them or the profound impact Jerry had on Frank. Please listen to the podcast to hear more about Jerry, Vidal Sassoon and many more who influenced Frank.

Listening to the Whisper is sound advice. Whether your deciding which education event to attend, how to deal with clients, staff and which marketing should be used, the whisper can inform, direct and more.  Although Frank’s whisper comes from prayer, I know mine comes from my intuition, my gut feelings. If your listening, you too will hear the whisper, the inkling. Be like Frank, listen for the quiet voice and then take action.

Tony Gordon